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0 - Swiss Snow Kids Village

Begginers without any glide experience - From 3 Y.O.



1 - Prince/Princess

Beginner skier with a little gliding experience but the capacity to glide, stop and stop using snowplow.


2 - King/Queen

Beginner skier with some experience and the ability to cross the terrain in parallel while using snowplow confidently on blue pistes. 


3 - Star

Intermediate skier coming to parallel skiing while using snow plow to turn on blue pistes. He/She can jump small obstacles and negotiate all turns in an introductory giant or slalom course.





3+ Prince/Princess

Intermediate skier with a certain ability to parallel ski while using snowplow to turn on red pistes. He/She can ski small moguls and is starting to parallel turn.



4  King/Queen

Intermediate skier who can turn while parallel skiing on selected red pistes. He/She has started using varied radius turns.



4+  Star

Intermediate skier who can turn confidently while parallel skiing on all red pistes. He/She can jump various obstacles, start using tricks such as riding switch, and race a giant course.

5  Prince/Princess

Advanced skier who masters short turns on steeper pistes, parallel turns on unprepared snow, and is learning to carve confidently.



6 Snow Academy

Advanced skiers get to specialise and experience skiing competition, freestyle, or freeriding according to specific targets.

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